Genetic Solutions


  • 34 cows over 100 ton cows
  • 345 cows over 50 tons
  • Bred many Excellent and VG cows
  • One of the top genomic herds in UK
  • Consistently in top 1% for genomic production whilst maintaining health traits
  • Continually in top PLI herds in UK
  • Bred multiple heifers in top ranks in Europe
  • Home bred families Dee, Ada and Isa have reached top rankings in Europe
  • Working with some of most sought after cow families in world; Rud Zip, Mirror, Lead Mae, Lila Z, Cosmopolitan
  • Continually one of the highest production herds in the UK; consistently over 13000L
  • Produced over 1000kg combined fat and protein per cow this last 2 years running

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