Genetic Solutions


  • Individual female mating advice (one off)
  • Whole herd mating advice on an individual level; all females
  • General mating advice to suit your farms individual needs, without looking at cows
  • Genomic testing advice
  • Crash course on how to interpret animal data – Pedigrees, Individual traits, Genomics
  • General farm management advice
  • Advice on how to fast track genetic gain using embryo transfer
  • Picking donors and recipients for embryo transfer
  • Analysing information to pick a quality herd bull
  • Mating decisions to make the most money from your milk contract (cheese, liquid, powder, etc)

We will help you take your cows to the next level, resulting in more profitability and healthier, happier, more productive cows

We are not just another farm consultancy service, or dairy advisers who have never worked with cows. We specialise in individual breeding advice tailored to your needs

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